Ark Animal Rescue is a non-profit animal shelter located in North Augusta and provides a temporary home for stray and abandoned animals until they are rehabilitated and are adopted into fur-ever, stable, and secure homes. The animals are treated medically and emotionally in preparation for adoption so that they have a greater chance of being successful. Our shelter is "no kill" in the sense that we don't euthanize to make room for other animals, and therefore we are usually always at "capacity."

All rescued animals undergo comprehensive veterinary screenings and depending on the condition, appropriate medication is given. We test incoming dogs for heartworms, and cats are tested for feline leukemia. All rescues receive vaccinations and are spayed or neutered at the appropriate age.

An adoption form must be completed for the adoption process to begin. A site visit may be required by ARK personnel for first time adoptive parents. Our reasonable adoption fee includes veterinary examination, de-worming, current vaccinations, spay/neuter (if applicable), & microchipping with Found Animals®. Our adoption fee is $65 for puppies and kittens and $95 for spayed/neutered adult cats and dogs. We reduce adoption fees for military or retired military individuals and/or families. We also provide senior discounts to those who need it.

We have an extraordinary team of volunteers with many years of experience who socialize the animals, train them and prepare them for their new homes. We also have two gentle and experienced volunteer veterinarians, Dr. Bill Rauton, and his son, Dr. George Rauton, whose value to our shelter is immeasurable.